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    The continuous mill stand
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    The continuous mill stand is advanced rolling equipment on steel tube production lines. After a steel billet is punched, a mandril in a steel tube blank is rolled by the continuous mill stand so as to achieve the effects of diameter reduction and wall reduction. The equipment has high work efficiency, and achieves an extension effect technically. The continuous mill stand mainly comprises a stand body, a swinging arm

    The stand body is a part made by the combination of casting and welding. It is an installation base of other parts of equipment. The stand body is a direct body of connection and positioning in the process of manufacturing the continuous mill stand.

    The swinging arm mechanism only comprises a swinging arm, a bearing pedestal, a bearing, a roller shaft and a pin. The swinging arm has a welding structure, is made by welding, tempering and performing finish machining on a machine tool, and is a key part for implementing rapid roller changing; the bearing pedestal is a casting, and is a finish-machined part molded by a boring miller; and the roller shaft is made of a cast ductile cast iron material, is a shaft and roller integrated part, and achieves the effect of connection and rolling. After all the parts are assembled, the roller shaft can be opened and the roller can be changed.

    The hydraulic system comprises an oil cylinder, hydraulic components and connecting parts. It is a power source for the opening and reset of the swinging arm.

    The continuous mill stand production technology of our company has been at a mature stage, and is constantly improved. Welcome to contact us for guidance and inspection.

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