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    Single-axis Transmission
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    Sizing machine frame is steel pipe seamless steel pipe production line important forming tool, the seamless steel pipe production line, the technological process for the usual:
    Perforation, extension, sizing, cooling, straightening
    A sizing machine, can be divided into the following several parts from the use of functions:
    1. Frame shell
    2. With a roll of three roll shaft
    3. Cooling water
    4. Dry oil lubrication piping
    In the sizing, through the pass the pipe from frame three roll center, was rolling on the surface of steel pipe by changing the frame groove, so as to get qualified product diameter and wall thickness of ideal steel pipe.
    From the form of the transmission structure is divided into single shaft drive and the three drive shaft two, is the power input drives the roller to produce rolling torque. Single axis drive is the input power from a long axis, through two pairs of bevel gear synchronous drive structure in the form of short axis.
    The company for domestic and foreign customers making sizing equipment machine, through production practice examination, prove its reached the advanced level in terms of performance, accuracy and machining quality and assembly quality etc.. 

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